PPP060: Hacking Your Life Admin for Family Harmony with Mia Northrop and Dinah Rowe-Roberts

My guests on the podcast today are the living embodiment of 'testing and learning', particularly when it comes to life admin - everything from getting your mobile phone plan and contract sorted out to planning family holidays to filing your tax return.

Mia Northrop and Dinah Rowe-Roberts are the co-hosts of the Life Admin Life Hacks Podcast. Their mission is to help you save time, money and achieve a little more peace of mind and household harmony.

Mia gets a thrill when they unearth processes and tools that help their listeners. She says it's 'satisfying to know we've made someone's life a little easier in some way by giving them a shortcut or nudging them to finish something or make a better decision'.

In 2018 Dinah decided to take a break from the corporate world to see how she could find more balance and purpose in her life. During that break she decided she needed to do two things: 1. Find a job at an organization where she genuinely believed in the purpose and thought she could make a meaningful contribution. 2. Make her family's life admin more efficient so that they all felt more calm and in control.

Together they formed Life Admin Life Hacks and every tip, tool, process, strategy and hack that they recommend comes from testing and learning everything themselves - underpinned by a bit of psychology, behavioural economics and decision science.

Listen in as Mia, Dinah and I discuss:

  • Reducing the mental load in family life

  • Creating calm from chaos

  • How 'life admin life hacks' relate to wellbeing

  • Their five pillars of an organised household

  • To critical importance of self awareness

  • And why no-one can get their digital photos organised!

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