PPP034: Mashing Movies with Wellbeing and Counting What Counts with Anna Box

My guest today has found a way to take the human experiences that we’re often not great at talking about openly and make them accessible through story and story telling.

Her name is Anna Box. She is a psychologist and story strategist and on any given day she might be working with screenwriters and actors on unpacking a character’s psychology, or working with an elite sport organisation on narrative, or working with a school to bring together positive psychology with spirituality and faith based messaging - or maybe teaching leaders about The Hero’s Journey.

Anna’s work explores stories and film and research and well being and performance and thriving. She is passionate about everything she does and that passion spills forth in every word of this conversation.

Join me and Anna as we discuss:

  • The stories we tell ourselves - how they help and how they hinder us

  • Unpacking and understanding our stories in order to grow and flourish

  • Qualitative research and understanding what counts and what doesn’t

  • Branding, strategy, values and stories in organisations

  • Recognising your shadow side and doing the work to be the best that you can be - for yourself and for others

  • Recognising and thinking critically about the stories we swim around in each day

  • How Anna principles of Positive Psychology and Acceptance Commitment Therapy to brands, strategies and stories in organisations

  • Movies, narrative and their emotional impact on us

  • How movies, TV and stories can help us to understand ourselves better

  • Anna’s Screen + Soul workshops and her passion for sharing the intersection of stories and the science of thriving.

We delve deeply into everything from parenting to personal development to therapy and finish up with a fun chat about Anna’s favourite movies. It’s a fascinating, insightful and very enjoyable conversation.  

Download Anna’s tips on narrative and stories

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