PPP030: Work, Stress and Managing Life’s Bubbles in a World of Tech and Connection with Dr Melissa Marot

Drowning in email? Swamped by notifications? Stressed by endless work demands?

How do you disconnect in a working world that’s switched on 24/7?

In this episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast I talk to Dr Melissa Marot, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Organisational Psychologist about work, stress, technology and finding balance in a constantly connected world.

I ask Melissa:

  • What happens in our brain when we’re stressed?

  • How should we respond to stressful situations at work?

  • What does the changing nature of work, workplaces and constant contact mean for stress and wellbeing?

  • How do we set expectations and boundaries to better manage 24/7 connection?

  • What are her tips for managing email inbox overwhelm?

Melissa also shares:

  • The importance of decompression, healthy routines and working with intention.

  • How to create a life in which you actively and intentionally switch on and switch off.

  • Burnout - What are the physical and psychological symptoms?

If you want to better balance work and life, listen in!

Download Melissa’s Tips for Managing Stress, Tech and Constant Connection with Work

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