PPP031: Living Well and Having Impact with Dr Adrian Medhurst

With me in this episode is Dr Adrian Medhurst. Adrian is a psychologist, speaker, author and thought leader on a mission to optimise performance and wellbeing for people and organisations. He specialises in performance psychology, wellbeing science, mindfulness, innovation and emerging technology.

Adrian is the author of "Meditate on This: The Science of Mindfulness” and the CEO of - Benny Button, a wellbeing and performance business.

Adrian describes himself as ‘dedicated to improving the lives of as many people as possible through wellbeing and performance initiatives.’ A man after my own heart!

During our conversation, Adrian and I cover:

  • Agility and finding the balance between wellbeing and performance

  • Using little tweaks to enhance our happiness

  • How to live well and have impact

  • Mindfulness and the skill of being self aware

  • Mastering daily stress, and

  • Benny Button’s 8 Factor Model for Wellbeing and Performance.

Adrian is also offering listeners a chance to try the Benny Button Wellbeing and Performance Profiler for FREE.

I’m so pleased to be sharing this insightful conversation with you.

P.S. See below for the fabulous list of resources that Adrian has shared!

Download Adrian’s Tips for Wellbeing & Performance

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