PPP019: How to Make a Smooth Transition to Parenthood with Nadene van der Linden

This episode is one for the new parents and parents to be.

My guest is clinical psychologist and parenting expert Nadene van der Linden. We're chatting about the psychological transition that we make when we move from non-parent to parent. What are the challenges? Why is it harder for some of us than others? And how can we best prepare ourselves?

Much of the focus when you’re expecting or a new parent is on the baby and what’s best for him or her. But parents and their well being are just as important and becoming a parent is a BIG deal that can have unexpected effects on our mental health and state of mind.

In this episode Nadene and I share our personal stories of becoming a parent - the good, the bad and the ugly. We consider:

  • The work life juggle that comes with parenting

  • How your expectations of parenthood - and yourself - can mess with your head

  • The role of identity in the transition to parenthood

  • Nadene's tips for making the journey easier

Join us as we get a little personal about parenting.

Download Nadene’s tips for a successful transition to parenthood

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