PPP020: Exercising to Fulfil Your Potential with Nonie Carr

Love it or hate it, today’s show is about exercise - and how you can use it to fulfil your potential.

My guest is Nonie Carr, a Melbourne based psychologist from Enhance Life Psychology. Nonie has a passion for cycling and the benefits of exercise for our wellbeing and success.

Nonie began her career in schools, first as a high school teacher and later as a school psychologist. She left education to start her private practice and she now works with individuals to help improve their well-being and relationships and boost their motivation to pursue their goals.

She’s here on the podcast to talk to us about the benefits of exercise for your brain and mind - and give us some tips on how to incorporate it into our daily life.

Nonie and I discuss:

  • The neurological effects of exercise and how the hormones released into the brain during exercise boost our mood and brain function

  • The emotional effects of exercise for our wellbeing and mental health

  • How exercise can be motivating

  • The best types of exercise for our mental and physical health

  • ‘Find Your 30’ and simple ways to make moving fun.

By the end of this episode you’ll be ready to get out there and exercise!

Download Nonie's tips for incorporating exercise into everyday life

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