PPP021: Managing Your Mind in a High Stakes Environment with Olympian and Psychologist Caroline Anderson

My guest today is Caroline Anderson from Performance Edge Psychology. Caroline is one of those people who seems to have hit the talent jackpot. She not only runs two successful psychology practices, she also delivers programs and workshops to athletes, sporting organisations and corporate clients on high performance and wellbeing AND she is a former Olympic athlete herself.

In this episode Caroline and I discuss the role of the mind and wellbeing in peak performance.

We cover:

  • The psychological link between performance and well being

  • What psychology offers athletes and high performers

  • How managing your mind, attention and emotions help you to perform at your best in any high stakes environment

  • How elite sports performance is like wrangling a toddler!

  • The importance of learning to rest and recover from our everyday 'mental marathons'

  • How to find ways to improve your performance that don't involve working harder and longer

  • What Caroline learned about performance and wellbeing as an Olympic athlete

Download Caroline’s tips for peak performance and wellbeing  

VIDEO: Caroline's interviews with Olympians about the role that wellbeing played in their performance

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