PPP022: The Psychological Life of An Elite Athlete with Dr Deidre Anderson

My guest for this episode is Dee Anderson, a Performance and Wellbeing Specialist who works with elite athletes, business people and young people to assist them with transitions in their lives and their personal development.

Dee is a Director of the Performance and Transition Institute. She has been a national leader in the world of University sport and the development of student athletes. She is a director of Australian University Sport, the National Rugby league Players Ass (NRLPA), the Michael Hughes foundation and the International College of Management, Sydney.

Dee has been acknowledged worldwide for her contribution to elite athletes, and has a lifelong commitment to supporting the development of young people.

Dee and I enjoy a wide-ranging conversation about the psychological life of elite athletes and the many complex factors that affect athlete wellbeing. It’s not all about sport though! As Dee and I talk, we discover the many parallels between wellbeing in sporting life, family life and work life.

Topics covered include

  • The challenges for elite athletes in trying to live a normal life

  • The importance of self awareness and deep self knowledge for wellbeing in sport - and life.

  • Grief, getting stuck and transitioning to a new life and identity.

  • The complexities of life and performance for young athletes.

  • ‘Athlete foreclosure’ and the catastrophic effect of a shrinking world

  • The importance of ‘psychological safety’ in performance

  • The role of family, coaches and organisations in an athlete’s wellbeing.

  • Practical tools for understanding goals and values for better balance, decision making and our transitions in life.

Download Dee’s well-being tips for athletes - and everyone.

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