PPP023: How To Rubberise Your Brain for an Optimal Life with Jacquelyn Cranney and Sue Morris

We all know what we’re supposed to do achieve our study, work and life goals but we rarely do it, do we? Instead we procrastinate and worry, waste time and stress ourselves out.

My guests today are co-authors of a new book, ‘The Rubber Brain: A toolkit for optimising your study, work and life!’ and we’re talking about the emotional and motivational factors that cause us to stumble when we’re pursuing our goals.

Associate Professor Jacquelyn Cranney from UNSW is passionate about leading education innovation. She researches in the areas of student learning, success and wellbeing, and she’s very keen to spread the word about how to be a happier human, particularly when studying.

Dr. Sue Morris is a Lecturer in Psychology at UNSW, also with a focus on student wellbeing and flourishing. She been a director on the Board of a kindergarten to year 12 school for 10 years so she is well versed in the whole student life cycle AND she’s currently parenting her second consecutive Year 12 student, so the idea of enhancing student resilience is also very personal.

Together we discuss:

  • Your imperfect mind, how sub-optimal thinking leads us astray and developing a ‘rubber brain.’

  • Why being a successful student is much more than study strategies.

  • What students need to know about themselves to make education and career choices.

  • Tips for increasing motivation.

  • Why student wellbeing and mental health has deteriorated in the last 20 years.

  • How our education system and career expectations are at odds with an optimal life.

If you’re a student, the parent of a student or you’re keen to learn more about the role of your mind in success, this episode is for you!

Download Sue and Jacky’s tips for a ‘rubber brain’ and optimal living

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Next week I’m talking to psychologist, music teacher, concert pianist and accomplished performer Anastasia Hronis about performance anxiety, social anxiety and her tips for performing at your peak.