PPP024: Conquer Your Nerves for Stellar Performance with Anastasia Hronis

Ever felt nervous before a big presentation, exam or performance? The sweaty palms? Jumpy tummy? Racing heart?

Have you noticed what where your mind goes in these moments? Do worries of impending disaster or freezing at the critical moment creep in? Want to know how to manage your mind - and your nerves?

Joining me for Episode 24 of the Potential Psychology Podcast is psychologist, music teacher, concert pianist and performance coach Anastasia Hronis. Anastasia is an expert performer, making her solo debut as a pianist at the Sydney Opera House at the ripe old age of six and more recently performing - again as a soloist - at Carnegie Hall in New York. With her combination of performance credentials and psychological knowledge she knows a thing or two about conquering your nerves to produce a stellar performance - in whatever you do.

Today Anastasia and I discuss:

  • The role of nerves in performance and making those nerves your friend

  • The importance of mental preparation, not just practice

  • Why you shouldn’t believe everything your mind tells you before a big event

  • The link between performance anxiety and social anxiety

  • How to help kids practice any skill, and

  • Anastasia’s tips for stellar performance in any domain

With an extra special treat thrown in!

Join me as we discuss how to conquer your nerves for stellar performance.

Download Anastasia’s tips on practice and performance

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