PPP025: Eating Well and Thinking Well with Dr Naomi Malone

We all eat but have you given much thought to why you eat what you eat? Or when you eat? Or how you eat? Have you thought about your relationship with food?

My guest today is Dr Naomi Malone, from A Life Simply Lived, a rural psychology practice located in Boort, a town of just under 900 people in the Mallee District of Northern Victoria .

Naomi has a specialist interest in eating psychology and the intersection between nutrition and mental health. She’s fascinated by our relationship with food and eating and she works with her clients to uncover what helps and hinders them when it comes to what they eat and the impact that this has on their emotional and physical wellbeing.

In this episode Naomi and I discuss:

  • The psychology of eating

  • The rules we set ourselves when it comes to food

  • The role of gut health in our mental health

  • The mind-body connection and the importance of food

  • Our toolkit for eating for better wellbeing

  • The importance of savouring

  • Mindful eating and what we can learn from kids

We also chat about the ups and downs of rural life.

Join me to learn more about the role that food plays in our mental health

Download Naomi’s tips for a great relationship with food

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