PPP028: Finding a Space for Men and Boys with Carl Nelms

This episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast is for the men and boys - and the parents and partners of men and boys.

My guest is Carl Nelms, psychologist and founder of Blokes Psychology, a psychology practice in Melbourne, Australia dedicated solely to males.

During his training Carl noticed that many of our therapeutic services are designed for ‘therapy lovers’ and those open to discussion of feelings, emotional needs and concepts like mindfulness. It was his judgement, as a psychologist, a man and a mental health practitioner working primarily with men that this ruled many men out as therapy’s target audience. They weren’t attracted to these ideas. They were comfortable seeking help from these services. The ‘branding’ was all wrong.

So Carl started Blokes Psychology to offer a plain-speaking, male oriented form of therapy - and it’s working!

In this episode I ask Carl;

  • What brings men to therapy?

  • What do parents of boys need to know to help their sons to thrive and flourish?

  • How can men help each other when things get tough? and

  • What are the emotional health and well being challenges that men face?

We also discuss:

  • What the future might look like for the mental health of our young men (and women)

  • Identity and the father, worker and partner roles

  • The transition to fatherhood and the challenges it brings

  • The importance or retaining friendship, hobbies and a sense of self as boys become men

  • Self care - not just a conversation for women!

It was fascinating to get a different perspective on well being, both as a psychologist and as a women living in a house of men and boys.

Listen in!

Download Carl’s Tips for creating healthy young men

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