PPP018: Disrupting Education and Thriving at School with Andrea Downie

My guest today is on a mission to disrupt education and spread well being throughout schools, organisations and our community. 

Andrea Downie is co-founder of Project Thrive, an Australian consultancy firm that collaborates with its clients, co-creating school and work environments that help us all to live and work at our best. She and her colleagues fuse positive psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, wellness and leadership in their - and from my experience in this interview, I bet they laugh a lot too!

Listen in as Andrea (a former primary classroom teacher and school leader in Wellbeing, Learning Enhancement, Technology, Gifted Education and a former Deputy Principal) and I explore:

  • Eco-systems of well being - How parents, their work, home life, teachers and schools interact to affect students learning and well being.

  • Andrea's vision for disrupting education and helping kids to find meaning and purpose in their school days.

  • The insight that kids have into what's good for them.

  • Well being, motivation and performance as a University subject.

  • Experiential positive psychology - living and breathing it, not just learning it.

  • Hope and what it means for our resilience.

Andrea shares many wonderful ideas in this episode. Make sure you listen in!

Download Andrea’s tips for well being, meaning and purpose in life

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