PPP038: Sleeping Well with Dr Kate Sprecher

Today we are talking about one of my favourite topics - Sleep! My guest is Dr Kate Sprecher and she is speaking to me from Colorado, in the United States, where she a is post-doctoral researcher in the Sleep and Chronobiology Lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Kate’s passion is understanding how sleep affects our physical and mental health with her guiding question being, 'How we can get the best sleep possible?'

In this conversation I ask Kate about:

  • The impact of sleep (or lack of it) on our health and wellbeing

  • How she and her team study sleep in the lab

  • Her tips for better sleep, and

  • Her recommended resources for learning more about better sleep and how to get it.

We also discuss:

  • The impact of our natural and unnatural environments on our sleep cycles

  • The role of sleep for the human body, from how we think and feel to the impact on our hormones and even deep down to our mollecular level

  • The simple strategies we can use to maximise the quality of our sleep for greater happiness and wellbeing.

Sleep (or lack of it) affects us all and Kate explains the science of sleep in such an easy to understand, engaging way.

Join me for this very important conversation about something we all do every day.

Kate’s tips for better sleep

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