PPP045: The Power of Music to Boost Your Mood with Dr Sandra Garrido

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Music and our moods are intrinsically linked. We seek sad songs when we're blue, upbeat vibes to work out, maybe classical for a bit of zen.

But how does this work? What happens in your brain when you listen to music? What is the link between music and emotion? And how can you use music strategically to boost your mood and your performance?

My guest today is Dr Sandra Garrido. Sandra is a pianist, a violinist, an author, a mum and researcher. She started studying law but found that she didn’t really like arguing with people for a living, so she returned to University to study music and psychology and this has been the foundation of her career ever since.

At present Sandra is an NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Fellow at the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development at Western Sydney University, exploring mood regulation using music and how we might use music to improve the quality of life in people with mild dementia.

In our podcast chat, Sandra and I explore:

  • Why music is important to humans

  • The role music plays in our physiological, cognitive, social and emotional experience

  • How music can positively effect our wellbeing

  • Why the music of our teens years sticks with us throughout life, and

  • Why we're drawn to sad songs when we're down - and how this can help and hinder us.

Tune in to learn why music moves us.

Sandra’s tips to use music to boost your mood

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