PPP046: Winners at The 2019 Australian Podcast Awards


We're taking a break from regular programming for a special mini episode celebrating the winners at the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards.

Australians were on tenterhooks on Saturday 18 May 2019 as we awaited news of the winners and losers. Yes we had a Federal Election but more importantly, it was the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards!

Mr Potential Psychology and I headed north to Sydney to join in the festivities and fun, mingle with audio royalty and learn a little more about what's great on the Australian podcast scene.

Listen in to discover my pick of the winners, who I'm listening to right now to live, learn, laugh and flourish, and whether the Potential Psychology Podcast walked away with a gong.

The 2019 Australian Podcast Awards

When: 18 May 2019

Where: The Seymour Centre - The Performing Arts Centre of Ellen’s alma mater, The University of Sydney

See all the Award Winners here

Podcasts we mention in this Episode

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