New Mini Online Program

One hour of video lessons with downloadable planner to help you shift from surviving to thriving.

No-one expected a pandemic but now we've lived through it, how do we make sense of the last two years to re-energise,  regain a sense of calm and control and thrive, not just survive in 2022 and beyond?

In this short online program hosted by workplace and coaching psychologist Ellen Jackson you will:

  • Learn more about the impact of major disruption on everyday life. Why are we still so tired? Is it really possible to return to 'normal?' 
  • Discover the untold story of the pandemic. Is there more than doom, gloom and Zoom? (Hint: Yes there is.)
  • Explore what it means to thrive, not just survive in this new world. 
  • Get tips for wellbeing and well-doing for better mental health and happiness.
  • Develop your personal plan for thriving in 2022 and beyond.
Available NOW. Just AU$50

It's time to say hello to a happier, healthier days and calmer, more intentional work and home life - and positive mental health 😃

Join me to discover the three simple strategies you'll need for better stress management, self care and mental health as we reclaim post COVID work and life.


What's included?

This short program (just six lessons that you can complete in one hour) covers:

  • LESSON 1: Why are we still so tired? (The psychological effects of living through a pandemic)
  • LESSON 2: Pandemics take some getting used to (It's not over. It's just different, but we can all buffer, bolster and build our resilience)
  • LESSON 3: The untold story of the pandemic - and the good news that helps us to become more mentally healthy
  • LESSON 4: Wellbeing Tip #1 What you focus on grows. Choose wisely.
  • LESSON 5: Wellbeing Tip #2: Create and Savour Jolts of Joy
  • LESSON 6: Wellbeing Tip #3. Be Kind to Yourself
  • FINAL LESSON: Develop your personal plan for thriving in 2022 and beyond.

 I'm really excited to share these tips and strategies that I use every day in my own life, with you.

Let's get going!

P.S. You can ask questions and share your experience in the Comments section of each module. I'll be available regularly to answer questions and help in any way I can 😊


Hi, I'm Ellen👋

Workplace psychologist and your class leader


My passion is helping you and your workplace to understand the ins and outs of human behaviour and to use this knowledge to achieve your goals. 

Everything I teach is supported by scientific research so we know it works. I overlay this with a nuanced understanding of individuals and how they function to help you and your workplace to thrive and flourish.

I created this online class after hearing story after story from friends, colleagues and clients (and my own experience!) of post pandemic fatigue and difficulty managing stress. I was keen to understand the effects of a pandemic on our psychological functioning and how we can get back to feeling great and functioning well.

It's been a tough road for all of us but disruption brings opportunity and there are simple steps we can all take (and I use every day) to boost happiness, health, productivity and purpose - at home and at work.

That's worth an hour of your time isn't it?


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