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The show in we explore what it is to be human and how we, as humans, can fulfil our potential 


I'm your podcast host, Ellen.


Finalist in the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards, Australian psychologist Ellen Jackson interviews experts from psychology, well being, neuroscience, leadership, parenting and high performance so that you can learn from the best, flourish and fulfil your potential.

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Podcast Episode 110: Fun & Wellbeing - Escaping the Happiness Trap

We're back for Season 12 and we're having fun! We're talking about the science of fun and how to make it work for you at home and at work.

My co-host for this mini-series is Dr. Mike Rucker, author of The Fun Habit: How the pursuit of joy and wonder can change your life


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Podcast Episode 109: Welcome to Season 12

The Potential Psychology Podcast is BACK! 

We've been off the air since January 2022 due to pandemic disruptions but the hiatus gave us an opportunity to rejig, reshape and reinvigorate the show and add some brand new features to the show.


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Podcast Episode 108: Hope and Getting Ready for a New Year 

In this episode, we discuss our plans and what we're looking forward to in 2022, and we explore:

  • Hope - what does it mean and why is it absolutely essential for our mental wellbeing?
  • Tips for mapping out a vision of our "best possible future self" and more...

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