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Finalist of the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards, Australian psychologist Ellen Jackson interviews experts from psychology, well being, neuroscience, leadership, parenting and high performance so that you can learn from the best, flourish and fulfil your potential.

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Podcast Episode 108: Hope and Getting Ready for a New Year 

In this episode, we discuss our plans and what we're looking forward to in 2022, and we explore:

  • Hope - what does it mean and why is it absolutely essential for our mental wellbeing?
  • Tips for mapping out a vision of our "best possible future self" and more...
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Podcast Episode 107: Nurture and Getting Splendid Sleep 

In this episode, we talk about Nurture - the one and only beam of the BEACON model that is about our physical health and how it interplays with our mental health. Nurture focuses on four aspects: eating, moving, sleeping, and being mindful. All of which revolve around, energy.

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Podcast Episode 106: Optimism and Creating Jolts of Joy

In this exquisitely optimistic episode, Ellen and Marie talk about:

  • Are some people more wired towards optimism than others?
  • How we can rewire our brains for a more positive disposition
  • The neurological benefits of optimism and why is it important to notice the moments that give us a jolt of joy
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Podcast Episode 105: Compassion and Being Your Own Best Friend

It's relatively easy to feel compassion for others but practicing self-compassion is more challenging. Why, when we would give a friend facing struggle words of encouragement do we beat ourselves up for not reaching expectations? And how is self compassion a super power? We discuss the answers and more in this episode.

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Podcast Episode 104: Accountability and Walking the Line Between Grit and Grace

In this week's episode we explore the third "beam" of the BEACON model: Accountability. This might seem an unusual element of thriving but there is no thriving without doing - and sometimes we need to hold ourselves accountable to get the doing, done.

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Podcast Episode 103: Engagement and Getting into a State of "Flow"

"Flow requires us to use our strengths. Sadly many of us don't really know what those are. One of the first things that you must do is to identify these strengths. What are those things that your brain is wired to do, those things that you love doing?"

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Podcast Episode 102: Belonging and Cultivating Your Thrive Tribe

We're back with another episode of our new weekly podcast series "How To Thrive", a collaboration with positive psychology coach Marie McLeod. This series is all about exploring how to thrive and practicing the BEACON model; a model of thriving that Marie has developed to guide us through the simple steps to thriving and flourishing in life.

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Podcast Episode 101: How To Thrive: Exploring What's Strong Instead of What's Wrong

In this podcast series, Marie and I go deep into the practice of positive psychology and wellbeing science, sharing how we live what we teach in our work and in our lives. We dive into what it means to thrive and dissect a beam of the BEACON model, Marie's evidence-based model of thriving, in each episode. 

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Podcast Episode 100: Smashing the Stigma Around Mental Health at The Mind Room with Jo Mitchell

In this episode, Jo and I talk about:

  • The changes, growth, and new contributions of the Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Science community
  • The role of community in happiness and wellbeing and more!
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Podcast Episode 099: Working in Your Zone of Genius with Kristy Smith

In this wonderful discussion my guest and I are talking work and business but not in terms of targets, revenue and turnover. We're talking about being human at work and the critical role that values, connection and heart play in getting things done and feeling good about what we do.

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Podcast Episode 098: Examining the "Power Posing" Phenomenon with Tom Loncar

Listen in to hear Tom and I geek out about:
  • Power posing: What it is and why it took the world by storm.
  • Why there is rarely a 'silver bullet' for behaviour change. And more...
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Podcast Episode 097: How to Thrive with Marie McLeod

My guest is Marie McLeod, Director of Thriveability and the guiding force behind the upcoming documentary, 'How To Thrive: practical guide to happiness.' in which she coaches 10 volunteers with mental health issues to help them learn ‘how to thrive.'

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Podcast Episode 096: How to Flourish Outside Your Comfort Zone with Dr. Diana Hill

Being human is hard. We're often outside of our comfort zone, whether that's dealing with a tough situation at work or home, challenging yourself to try something new or just dealing with everyday busy and overwhelm.

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Podcast Episode 095: Exploring How Hypnosis Can Unlock the Power of the Mind with Erika Flint

When we think of hypnosis we often imagine the magician with a swinging pocket watch. But hypnosis is more than a stage act. It's a genuine psychological therapy that helps us access deeper parts of our minds. Yet many of us still fear it. Today's guest is here to dispel common media misrepresentations and myths surrounding hypnosis.

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PPP094: Job Crafting and Creating More Meaning in Work with Cass Dunn

In this episode Cass and I talk the importance of job satisfaction for our happiness and how we can craft our work circumstances to increase our fulfilment without having to make a major career change and more.

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PPP093: Demystifying Sleep with Siobhan Banks

Do you have conversations about sleep in your workplace? Do you know what shift work, working across time zones or catching up on work into the night can do to your safety, productivity and wellbeing? Ever wondered about the strategic use of caffeine and naps to mitigate the risks of interrupted sleep?

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PPP092: Developing the Indomitable Gift of Compassion with Dr. Stan Steindl

We all struggle at times with our relationships, in parenting, at work. We all get sad, stressed and worried. We might feel lonely or isolated. We might feel fear, guilt or shame. These are all forms of suffering, much of which comes from rumination, self-criticism and the complex work of our minds. 

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PPP091: Getting Your Mind and Body Fit For Life with Andrew May

Happy New Year, everyone! After a restful and well deserved break, we're back for Season 10 and we've got a very timely topic: training our body and brain to improve our wellbeing and perform at peak state. This episode is perfect for those who need a motivational nudge with their new year, 'new you' resolutions.

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PPP090: Inside the Dynamic PPP Team with Jaie Obillo, Andy Maher and Tamsin Parry

Today's international episode is an extra special one and got me thinking "why haven't done this earlier?" It explores the dynamics of remote working teams and gives us a peek inside the inner workings of the Potential Psychology Team.

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PPP089: Turning Challenges Into Our Most Rewarding Experiences with Eric Winters

Our guest today is self leadership coach, speaker and author Eric Winters. His book, "Swipe Right on Your Best Self: Simple steps to a bolder life with fewer regrets", is an uplifting and informative guide that describes simple strategies backed by science to meet challenges more effectively, in...

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PPP088: Exploring the Complex Power of Physical Intelligence with Dr. Scott Grafton

Our guest today, Dr. Scott Grafton, is neuroscientist, neurologist, and esteemed author, Dr. Scott Grafton. He joins us from sunny California.

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PPP087: Dispelling Anger Fallacies with Dr. Steven Laurent

Our guest today, Dr. Steven Laurent is an expert on anger and the co-author of ‘The Anger Fallacy: Uncovering the Irrationality of the Angry Mindset.’ He argues that there is always an alternative to anger.

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PPP086: Don't Blame The Reptilian Brain with Dr. Sarah McKay

Today, speaker, media personality, and Australian-based neuroscientist Dr. Sarah McKay, returns to our podcast to talk about our emotions, our brain, some misconceptions about reptiles and why we're not beholden to emotional and behavioural triggers.

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PPP085: Facing Your Fears and Learning to Grow with Dr Patricia Zurita Ona

My guest today is a licensed clinical psychologist from sunny California. Dr Patricia Zurita Ona, fondly known as Dr. Z, is talking to us about overcoming the challenges of fear-based responses, an experience she knows well. Growing up in Bolivia in the midst of a dictatorship, she...

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PPP084: A quick catch up - The latest news from Potential Psychology HQ

After taking a long-ish hiatus from the Potential Psychology Podcast to focus on introspection, self-care, and exploring available opportunities in the midst of a pandemic, I am back with inspiring guests and engaging episodes for you.

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PPP083: Finding Antifragililty in a World Afraid of Failure with Dr Paige Williams

I am so pleased to be joined in this episode by Dr. Paige Williams to chat about her work in learning and teaching others about resilience and becoming ‘antifragile’. Paige is an incredible author who just released her new book, Becoming AntiFragile: Learning to Thrive Through Disruption and Challenge.

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PPP082: Appropriately Adapting to Change with Professor Andrew Martin

Today I am joined by Andrew Martin, Scientia Professor, Professor of Educational Psychology, and Co-Chair of the Educational Psychology Research Group in the School of Education at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

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PPP081: Self Care Is The New Health Care with Suzy Reading

I'm thrilled to welcome Suzy Reading back to the show today to discuss the topic of self-care. 

Suzy's passion is offering a cohesive approach to wellbeing by connecting with the head, heart, and body, and work to empower people through...

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PPP080: Screen Time Strategies In A Global Pandemic with Martine Oglethorpe

Life lately has been unusual. With school, work and socialising conducted from home, the pressure has dialled up for juggling parents. Where do 'screen time' rules fit in? What's reasonable device use right now? And how do we adapt when screens are all we have?

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PPP079: The Perks and Pitfalls of Working From Home with Dr Joe Sweeney

Working from home, once the ultimate office-worker perk, is rapidly becoming a major wellbeing challenge as we’re thrust into a new world, largely unprepared. In today’s conversation I ask Dr Joe Sweeney, industry analyst for digital workforce innovation, policy and education...

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PPP078: Keeping Well When We're Stressed and Anxious

Hello wonderful humans.

I’m mixing things up for this episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast. I had planned an episode on Personality and How It Drives What We Do for this week on the back of our fun webinar with some members of...

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PPP077: Telling Important Stories with Naomi Hunter and Jeremy Hunter

In the midst of COVID-19 uncertainty and the anxiety it is provoking it can do the heart and mind good to be distracted with positive stories of people doing good in our world. We need that right now.

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PPP076: Prioritising Positivity with Dr Suzy Green

I'm delighted to have Dr Suzy Green back on the show today. Suzy was one of my lecturers when I completed the Masters of Coaching Psychology at The University of Sydney (some time ago now) and today I'm proud to call her a colleague. I'm also thrilled to be introducing...

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PPP075: Bringing Behaviour to a Bigger World with Ryan O'Donnell

Joining me on the show for this episode is science communicator and content creator Ryan O’Donnell, a.k.a RyanO. Ryan wakes up daily trying to fill the gap between the amazing science of behavior and the billions of people that it could impact for the better. He does this by creating...

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PPP074: Building a Bigger Life with Thomas Igeme

How do we learn, grow and fulfil our potential today and into the future?

My guest for today's conversation arrived in the United States from Kenya at the age of 18 with $273 to his name and a mission to survive. As he tells it, he is LGBTQ and grew up in a world in which his identity either...

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PPP073: Getting Curious about Jobs and The Future with Tess Walton

I was introduced to Tess Walton at an event late in 2019 and we clicked straight away. We got talking about her specialist topic - the future of work - and I quickly realised that this was a podcast episode in the making.

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PPP072: Finding Joy Through Exertion with Sanjay Rawal

Today on the show we’re talking a bit about exercise, a bit about spirituality, a bit about indigenous cultures and quite a bit about a very select group of people who choose to run around and around an extended city block in New York City for not just days but weeks at a time!

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